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STO hinge broke or not latching

Why did my STO hinge break?

Short answer:  To protect the frame.  Keep reading to learn more.

Why will my STO hinge not latch?

Answer:  It needs lubricated.  Use WD40 or another lubricant to lubricate the hinge on the points shown.

STO hinge lubricate points.

STO hinge break long answer

The STO frames are so large that the hinges are designed to break before more damaged can be caused to the frame when being used incorrectly.  A bent frame piece is much more difficult to replace than a hinge.  Hinges only take minutes to replace.  A hinge will last for many years when used properly.  Then simply by replacing a hinge, you can use your screen for many years again.

When the frame is unfolded or folded improperly it causes awkward pressure and tension to the frame.  Because of the size of the frame the leveraged weight on the frame when unfolding or folding improperly would bend or warp the frame.  The hinge is designed to break to protect the expensive and larger parts of the frame.

It is very important that the frame carefully be unfolded then opened up for use.  Keep the frame low to the ground until all the hinges are latched together.  Let the ground support the weight of the frame instead of the hinges.

Hinges are designed to be replaced in minutes.  Click here for the steps.

STO screens have been designed to have every part replaceable so the product can last for years or forever.  If you are having issues with other parts, simply contact us.

Here are steps for unfolding and opening up a STO-169220 screen, follow the steps in your manual for your screen.  

Make sure the snaps are up.  

Find which way the frame unfolds as shown.  

Continue Unfolding.

Make sure the frame hinges are locked and now the frame is unfolded.

Open up the frame keeping it low to the ground to not cause pressure to the hinges.


Lock the hinges and the four corners.

Here are steps for closing and folding up a STO-169220 screen, follow the steps in your manual for your screen.

Unlock the four corners and the hinges.


Begin unlatching the hinges and closing the frame keeping the frame on the ground.  Let the ground support the weight of the frame, instead of the hinges supporting the weight of the frame.

Push the frame in towards the side frame.

 Continue with the other hinges.

Now the frame is closed.

Time to fold the frame to put into the carry bag.  You can turn the frame up on the side and keep the frame on the ground.  This lets the ground support the frame instead of the hinges supporting the frame.


Unlatch the hinges and begin to fold the frame.

Now the frame is fully folded and ready to put in the carry bag.

Here are the full steps for the STO-169220 screen

Here are the full steps for the STO-169180 screen

Here are the full steps for the STO-169144 & STO-169120 screens