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STO Hinge Replacement

If you have broken hinges, most likely you are using the screen wrong.  Please see the step by step guides for your screen. 

STO-169120 STO-169144 STO-169180  STO-169220

For the STO-169120, STO-169144, STO-169180, STO-169220

If ever a hinge is to break on your STO screen, Please contact us about a hinge kit.  

 Parts included:

1 - Hinge
4 - Bolts
4 - Nylon Lock Nuts
1 - Drill Bit

Tools Needed:
Safety Glasses
Electric Drill
Screw Driver
Crescent Wrench

Step 1 - Take a picture of how the hinge needing replaced.  Make sure to install the new hinge in the same direction and orientation as the hinge needing replaced.  Lay the replacement hinge by the hinge needing replaced in the same orientation.

Step 2 - Wear safety glassed and drill out the rivets.  Continue drilling until you fill the rivet pop out.  The drill bit will pop into the frame for each rivet. 

Step 3 - Remove the hinge needing replaced.

Step 4 - Insert the replacement hinge in the same orientation as the broken hinge before it was removed.

Step 5 - Bolt the new hinge in place using a screw driver and crescent wrench.