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Material Samples Kit for STR, STC, STT & S7 Series Fixed Screens

Silver Ticket Products

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The White, Grey, 2GS, 2GP, WAB & WVS material all work with Ultra Short Throw (UST), Short Throw, Standard Throw and Long Throw Projection - All Projection Types.  The 4W, Silver, HC, AGS & AGP materials are made for Standard Throw & Long Throw Projection Only.  

All Samples ship by USPS first class mail.  In the USA please expect 5 to 7 business days after ordering.  Outside of the USA it will be a few weeks.

All Samples are 8" by 11". The samples sizes are fixed and cannot be bigger than the default size.

The Samples are priced at less than what it costs to make. If you need a larger surface area, buy more than one set and place them side-by-side.

Note: Each sample has a viewing side and back side.  The label for the sample will be placed on the back side of the sample.  The side without the label is the viewing side. 



Matte White - White (black on back)

Grey - Light Grey (black on back)

Silver - Silver Metallic 

High Contrast - Dark Grey

Woven Acoustic (WAB)- Woven Acoustic - White Material

4W White - Bright White 

2GS - Light Grey

2GP - Light Grey Perforated

Woven Acoustic (WVS) - Woven Fine Weave Acoustic Material - White Material

AGS Grey - Advanced Dark Grey

AGP Grey - Perforated Advanced Grey Material 

Black Backing - Material used for Woven and Perforated screens to be placed behind those materials.  

Does NOT include - Silver Ticket Products ALR or UST samples.  These material samples are sold separately - see below for more information and links.

Other Material Samples: (Sold Separately)

Eclipse UST Sample

Flare UST Sample


ALR (Long Throw Projection) Sample

These samples are for the materials included in the STR, STC & STT Series Fixed Screens.  These materials are not the same as the DIY material or Large Venue Screens.




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