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How to use the sample materials.


This page refers to the product Material Samples Kit

The sample materials are cut into a 9" x 11" size. The samples include WAB, White, Grey, Silver and High Contrast. 


For starters make sure you're using the front of each materials. You can do that by locating the BACKs of the each material:

WHITE: the back is the black side.

WOVEN ACOUSTIC (WAB): there is no back. It's identical on either side.

GREY: The back is the black side.

SILVER: The back is the slightly more glossy side.

HIGH CONTRAST: The back is the rough side with streaks on it.


Finding the right material for you:

There is not just one way to use the samples. The whole reason why samples are the best way to go is because you get to choose the screen you think looks best in your specific setup instead of what professionals think would look best.

A simple way of doing that is lining the materials up side-by-side onto the wall and project onto them. Using a wide variety of projections, you can pause the video at certain moments that portray the most contrast, dark levels and brightness and see which screen material looks best. Then, you can take off all but one of the materials to help visualize it on a larger scale.


Keep in mind these properties when deciding what to pair with your projector:

Black levels- The blacks appear truly black- as opposed to a dark grey 

Color hues- Make sure the colors are being reflected exactly the way you want them.

Brightness- How bright the overall image works with the your setup. Is it too bright so as to light up the ambience inside the room? Or is it too dim when paired with your projector?

IN THE END, it's whatever you think looks the best in your setup, so be as picky as you want. You may be surprised at the results!

ABOVE: a photoshopped representation of how to use the samples. Nothing in the picture is portraying how the materials would actually reflect the image