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How to choose the right projection screen and material

Choosing the right projection screen and material can be quite difficult.  Here are some steps to help in making the right decision.  

Step 1.  Research the projector first.  Decide on what brand and model works best for the room.  Finally purchase the projector.  

Step 2.  After receiving the projector.  Place the projector in the desired location and project an image on the wall.  Adjust the zoom on the projector so the image is the smallest and the image is the largest. Measure the diagonal, height and widths of both images sizes to know the minimum and maximum image size.  Continue to adjust the zoom on the projector to find the right size for the room. After finding the right size image, take the diagonal, height and width measurements. 

Step 3.  Purchase the sample kit "Material Samples Kit for STR, STC, STT & S7 Series Fixed Screens". If you have an Ultra Short Throw projector then it is also recommended to purchase the "UST Material Sample"

Step 4.  Hang the samples material samples on the wall.  Project the desired screen size on the wall and samples.  Look at the samples for brightness, colors and black levels.  Check the viewing angles of each material by sitting in each seating option.  Test the samples for all the lighting environments the room may have at different times of the day and night. 

If speakers will be placed behind the screen, then only test the acoustically transparent models.  Place the black backing behind the acoustic material when testing.  Any black surface behind the acoustically transparent screen materials will help give the full effect.  

If speakers will not be placed behind the scree, then only test the solid screen materials.  

Move the samples around in different locations to see if anything changes.  A recommendation is that the darker the room the whiter the material, and the lighter the room the darker the material.  Your personal preference is what is most important.  

Step 5.  When the image size and material is decided, on, choose Store (All Products) in navigation menu.  

On the left hand side, scroll down to Ratio.  We recommend choosing the aspect ratio that the native aspect ratio of your projector.  Most home theater projectors native aspect ratio is 16:9.  Projectors that have lens zoom memory may also work with 2.35:1 or 2.39:1 projection screens.

Next, scroll down to Style and choose the material decided. 

Finally scroll through the different sizes to see what is the closest fit to the images size desired.  

If the desired model is not listed, please contact us for help.   Some models may not show available if they are out of stock.  

 Frequently Asked Questions about screen material.

Matte White

-G Light Grey

-2GP - Light Grey Perforated

-2GP - Light Grey Solid

-4W White 1.4 Gain White

-AGP Advanced Grey Perforated

-AGS Advanced Grey Solid 

-HC High Contrast

-ALR Ambient Light Rejecting for Long Throw Projectors

-UST Ambient Light Rejecting for Ultra Short Throw Projectors

-R Rear Projection

-S Silver 3D

-WAB Woven Acoustic Material

-WVS Woven Acoustic Material