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Silver Ticket Products Solid Grey Rear Projector Screen Material - RAW Material 1.0 Gain HDTV 4K / 8K

Silver Ticket Products

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Material is sold upon request only. Please contact us when it is out of stock.

Silver Ticket Products is proud to introduce this high-end rear projection material. This material is specifically designed for use as a projection surface and is the same material used by home theater screen manufacturers, theater chains and dark rides. This material is not a woven cloth, it is made of PVC vinyl that is stretchy and maintains a perfectly flat viewing surface when tensioned on all four sides. The material is less textured than our competitors' material, resulting in a sharper image with minimal visual distortion - compare with our competitors' images. This material features a 1.0 gain for more brightness and sharper looking projected image. Approved for both indoor and outdoor use and can be surface washed with gentle soap and water. Product size and can be cut to fit your specific application. This product ships rolled, not folded, to prevent harsh creases in the viewing surface.

Note: This material must be fully tensioned on all four sides to ensure proper performance.

Rear projection material is placed between the audience and projector.  The projected image is pointing towards the audience projected on the back of the screen material.  The rear projection material is translucent showing the projected image on the viewing side of the material.