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Silver Ticket Products DIYUST UST Ultra Short Throw ALR Projector Screen Material Black - RAW Material HDTV 4K / 8K

Silver Ticket Products

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Silver Ticket Products is proud to introduce the DIYUST projection material. This material is specifically designed for use as a projection surface for UST Ultra Short Throw projectors only.   This material is NOT the same material offered in the ST3, S7 or SNB line of UST screens.  The material must face in the correct position facing down towards the projector. Product size and can be cut to fit your specific application. This product ships rolled, not folded, to prevent harsh creases in the viewing surface.  This is an ALR Ambient light rejecting material.  

Note: This material must be fully tensioned on all four sides to ensure proper performance.  The material is throughly checked before shipping.  Any creases or scratches caused during the DIY process are not covered under warranty or for refunds.  

UST projection material is placed on the wall in front of the audience and above the projector.  


Material sizes

16:9, 100" = 91 3/8"(2320mm) long x 52"(1320mm) tall
16:9, 120" = 108 5/8"(2760mm) long x 65"(1650mm) tall
16:9, 135" = 122 7/8"(3120mm) long x 71 5/8"(1820mm) tall
16:9, 150" = 135 7/8"(3450mm) long x 77 1/8"(1960mm) tall