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How Can I Get My Parts (when I purchased from an alternate source)

The Silver Ticket Products sales channels are as follows: seller name: silverticketproducts

-eBay- seller name: silverticket

-Newegg- seller name: Silver Ticket Products


Silver Ticket operates through online sales only. We sell directly to the customer. If you ever buy from any entity that is not Silver Ticket Product (from one of our certified sales channels or elsewhere), you are buying a product that is void of a warranty policy- even if it is an actual Silver Ticket Product.



Alternatives to the Warranty

We are sorry if you are outside the warranty. We do want you to be able to use our product. There are a few things you can do if you find yourself with a third-party product.

Contact the seller

Sometimes the parts you need were accidentally left behind. They may have the parts you need and they may be willing to send them to you.

Buy the parts from

The most frequently missing parts are found in the hardware kit. This kit contains everything except the frame pieces and bars (full content in product description). We provide parts for sale at cost of the materials and shipping. In other words, we receive no profit from selling you these parts. They are purely there to indemnify what the third-party seller has omitted from your screen. In most cases, even after the cost of the parts and the discounted product, you are still getting everything at a discounted cost.

If the hardware kit is out of stock, contact support@silverticketproducts and they can check the stock for you. 

If you are missing or want to purchase parts not found in the hardware kit, we can also sell those at cost. Simply contact support@silverticketproducts.

Return the screen to the seller to the seller

If you feel that the product you received is not worth the money you paid for, you may have the ability to return it. It fully depends on where you bought the screen.


Warehouse Deals  

Amazon Warehouse deals is a third party company. Amazon sells some  damaged products to a company called Warehouse Deals. They then sell those products heavily discounted and advertise them as "used" with an exact description of what you will be receiving in the product details. Because we cannot control the quality of these screens, we cannot cover them under the warranty. Click on this paragraph link to go to the Warehouse Deals FAQ page.