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Warranty for Like New and Used Acceptable

Limited Warranty

Silver Ticket Products warrants the Like New and Used Acceptable products to the original purchaser for a 30-day parts only warranty.  The warranty period starts the day the product is delivered by the shipping provider through which Silver Ticket Products has shipped the product.  

Warranty is only valid if the product was purchased directly from our authorized sales channels: Amazon (seller name: silverticketproducts), eBay (seller name: silverticket), Newegg (seller name: Silver Ticket Products) or Silver Ticket Products Online Store ( The warranty is NOT valid if purchased from a seller other than Silver Ticket Products on any of these sales channels. Silver Ticket Products will not warranty products that are purchased from a "third party" seller, even if the seller originally purchased from Silver Ticket Products. The warranty is non-transferable.

If you ordered from a third party, please refer to the following article:

The warranty does not cover any damage caused during shipping.  Silver Ticket Products will ship replacement part(s) to replace the defective part(s) received, Silver Ticket Products will not ship and replace a whole product. The screen material is not covered under the warranty. 

Silver Ticket Products will discriminate against damage claims that would be considered characteristic of the product based on its description:

Like New Description:

"The product has been shipped to a customer and they most likely never opened the box, or they just looked inside at the parts. The outside box may be a little beaten up from shipping back and forth. The insides have been checked to know the product is in great condition."

Used Acceptable Description:

"This product has been assembled, disassembled and then returned. We have checked all the parts and material to make sure the screen will look great when you install it. There may be small scratches in the frame, but not noticeable from seating distance. The screen material may be lightly scratched or scuffed, but well within acceptable limits of viewing capabilities."

No refunds, discounts or payments will be given for inconveniences, wrong measurements or damages caused to the product(s) or part(s) by the customer.  Silver Ticket Products recommends checking the product(s) and part(s) thoroughly before assembling or installing yourself, or having a paid installer or contractor assemble and install the product(s) and part(s).  

Part(s) and product(s) destroyed by sloppiness and carelessness during assembly and install do not qualify for warranty.  

Parts destroyed or lost during shipping will not qualify for warranty, but if small parts are destroyed or lost, Silver Ticket Products at its choice will ship replacement parts.  If the whole product is lost or destroyed during shipping please contact the website or dealer the product was purchased from.  

Part(s) and product(s) assembled then disassembled by the purchaser will be voids of the warranty.  

Part(s) or product(s) not used within their intended use voids the warranty.  Any sloppiness or damage caused during use because of misuse voids the warranty.  

For information on obtaining warranty of any particular product please click here.

Warranty Procedure

Repairs:The End-User must contact Silver Ticket Products regarding any eligible Product to be repaired during the Warranty Period. Upon receiving the warranty request Silver Ticket Products will ship the Silver Ticket Products approved replacement parts to the End-User.

Returns:Contact the authorized retailer regarding their specific Return Period and procedure for returning a Product. For any Product purchased direct through Silver Ticket Products, the Return Period of thirty (30) days from the date the Product was received by the End-User applies. Any eligible Product to be returned during the Return Period must be returned to an authorized retailer with prior written notification and an assigned return authorization number from the point of purchase. For non-warranty return claims, the End-User is responsible for paying the return shipping. For more information on non-warranty returns, click here.


Silver Ticket Products reserves the right to request information from the End-User before a repair or return is authorized and also the right to examine a returned product before replacing it.

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