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The material is missing a cut-out hole for the fixing lug.

The holes are cut just big enough so that the rods can slide over the fixing lugs. Occasionally we miss cutting a hold from the edge which is nessary for the even stretch of the material. 

Damage cause by customers is not covered under the limited warranty, therefore if the owner were to cut the hole themselves and damage the screen, it is likely it won't be covered under the warranty. You should follow these directions:

1. Contact detailing the situation.

2. Send pictures of the issue.

The support technician may suggest a warranty, however with supervisor approval, the customer can cut their hole themselves with the assurance that the warranty is still intact. 

To cut the hole, follow the directions: 

1. Fold the screen material extactly in half, matching the edge with the opposite sides. The side with the missing hole should be on the bottom

2. Mark exactly how and where the hold is cut using the counterpart holes from the other side of the material.

3. Carefully cut along the mark so as to match exactly the other holes

2. The holes must NOT pass the welded seam that closes the pocket and must be no less than 4" from any of the corners.