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Portable Screens -Quick Screen Material Calculator

The STO series of screen is our standard collapsible frame so it is small enough to be transported into homes, offices, cultural centers, parks and more. However, it is still heavy and sturdy enough to last for years if taken care of. 

It also comes with the optional rear projection material.Rear Projection material is used if you want to project onto the screen from behind. This means your audience is on the opposite side of the screen from your projector. Not only can you work with the AV equipment out of the audience's sight, but audience-members cannot block the projection when they stand up It also reduces the risk of them tripping on the cords and AV equipment.

STO sizes. All sizes are 16:9 aspect ratio.

STO-169120- 120" front projection only

STO-169120- 120" front and rear projection

STO-169144- 144" front projection only

STO-169144- 144" front and rear projection

STO-169180- 180" front projection only

STO-169180- 180" front and rear projection

STO-169220- 220" front projection only