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My screen material has wrinkles or waves

Occasionally the vinyl projection screen materials that ship with our fixed frame screen may arrive with some wrinkles or waves due to changing temperatures/environments during shipping. The majority of the time these wrinkles will disappear after the screen material is stretched on the frame properly for about 24 to 48 hours. Vinyl is very stretchy and should usually relax on its own once tensioned, but it sometimes needs some additional help to fully relax to its desired smooth appearance.

If after a few days, the wrinkles or waves have not disappeared on their own, feel free to follow the instructions below to help the material smooth out:

While the screen material is fully tensioned on the frame, gently heat up the screen with a blow dryer and thin damp towel one section at a time (about 2 foot x 2 foot at a time). Blow dryers will vary on intensity, so it is recommended to use a low heat setting first. Be sure to hold the blow dryer away from the surface of the screen at least 12 inches and make quick, broad sweeping motions with the blow dryer until the material heats up. It doesn't take much heat to get it to relax, so don't spend a long time in each pass over the material. Do not heat up the material too much. The material should relax back into its natural, smooth shape as it cools.  The wetness of the towel protect the viewing surface from heat while the heat relaxes the vinyl so it may return to its original form.

Please watch the following videos to help remove wrinkles

How to stretch screen material on your frame
How NOT to stretch screen material on your frame

Uniform stretch is extremely important.  Following the instructions on the videos above will help stretch the screen material properly so wrinkles or waves in the material will fade.

Please contact us at if you have any issues with remaining wrinkles or waves in your projection screen material.