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My screen material is too small

No matter which screen you own, the screen material is the icing on the cake during installation. A few things can go wrong, but the best way to avoid them is to follow these few tricks below. 


For standard 6cm and 8cm frames:

For Thin Bezel frames:


In the first video above, you may notice that the screen seems loose. That is because it is being installed in the Arizona heat and it has already been installed for several days before this video was filmed. However, your fresh screen will likely be much tighter and the material will appear smaller in relation to the frame. 

This is a picture of an issue we had before. If you will notice the wrinkles which are a sign of the screen's molecules retracting in cold weather, causing the screen to be actually smaller. This customer's issue was resolved by following the proper instructions. 

Here is a good patter for installing the screen.  The material must not be attached to the frame when you begin this process.  


Written Instructions:


1. Unroll the material and square it up with the frame.

2. Insert the tension rods (video below).

3. Now, start stretching those rods onto the fixing lugs/springs through the notches. Start at the corners first, by attaching one or two per side at the corners.

By starting at the corners, you perfectly disperse the tension across the material. Most wrinkles are caused by some parts of the screen being more tensioned than others. This also makes sure that the fixing lugs/springs are distributed correctly- instead of accidentally missing a loop and having an extra one at the end.

3a. If your material seems too tight to pull, warm up the installation space for a while and then come back and try again. Pull from the pocket and avoid touching the viewing area. The material is very elastic and is unlikely to rip. If you damage your screen as a result of this process, be sure to contact for help.

4. After all four corners are attached, you may begin working your way around the perimeter of the frame until all lugs/springs are attached. 

5. FOR THIN BEZEL: Before attaching the bezel, make sure there aren't any tension wrinkles. If there are, make sure to smooth those out with your finger before proceeding. 


Tension Rods


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