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My center support bar will not fit

1.  Before watching the videos, the best method is to unhook the top and bottom of the screen material from the frame.   Insert the support bar and then reattach the top and bottom of the screen material.  

2.  It is important to make sure the support bar is going in the right channel.  For the 2 3/8" the support bar goes in the same channel as the mounting brackets.  For the 3 1/8" frame the support bar does not go in the same track as the springs.  



Please watch the following videos to help with the support bar installation. 

If you continue to have support bar issues or you have another support bar issue.  Please contact us at and include the following information.  

1.  A picture of your support bar not fitting or pictures of the other support bar issues.
2.  The overall length of your support bar (end to end).
3.  Your order number and the dealer and website you purchased the screen from.