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I'm missing a part(s)

We take great care in making sure each product has all of its required parts.  Sometimes we make mistakes and many times freight companies loose parts during shipping.  Please understand that we will express missing parts to you at no cost to you in the Continental USA.  

Please follow the following steps to receive the parts you are missing.

1.  In your instruction manual, circle the parts missing.

2.  Take a picture of the instruction manual page.  

3.  Send an email to with the following information.
     a.  The picture of the instruction manual page with the missing parts circled.
     b.  Where you purchased the product from and your order number.
     c.  Your name and the shipping address you would like the missing parts shipped to.

In some cases where the main parts of the product are missing due to freight damage.  You will be asked to contact the dealer you purchased your product from to send you a whole new product.

If you are missing your instruction manual the please contact us explaining the parts missing and we will help make sure the correct parts are express out.