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I am missing the Hardware Kit

Hardware kit Contents:

Corner Bracket x4

Corner Screws x16

Joint Screws x8

Springs or White Fixing Lugs x(varies)

Mounting Brackets x4

Wall Screws x(4 to 10)

Wall Anchors x(4 to 10)


The hardware kit is such a small box, but contains a lot of parts. We hope you aren't left without it, but if you are, it is not the end.

If you ordered from Silver Ticket Product, you are most likely covered under the warranty policy. In this case, Silver Ticket Products will send you the missing parts.

If you ordered the screen from an alternative source, you aren't covered under the warranty, but we still have these parts available wholesale, meaning we sell them for the cost to make the parts and for shipping. Here is the link. Be sure to mention which screen you bought in the "Special Instructions for Seller" so we can get you the correct kit.

We want you to be able to use the screen, so if there are any other questions, contact if you need more answers.