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How to Stop "Washout"

You may be dismayed to find that your projector isn't projecting the way you like. Washout is very common and usually occurs when the screen doesn't match the setup in your theater room. We are here to tell you that you might yet have some hope and we are optimistic that this will solve your problems.

Washout can be caused by several things. Sometimes it's the lighting in your room and other times the projector you are using is paired with either a screen that is too dark or too light for your needs. in any situation, the following steps will prove useful to you.

Step one: Make sure your projector is at an angle that bounces the light off of the screen and directly into the eyes of the audience. To change the viewing angle, just move the projector forward or back until you get the correct angle. If the projector cannot be moved, move the screen up or down.


Step two: Project an image onto your screen and hit the pause button. Preferably something with a good range of blacks and brighter colors.

Step three: Boost your brightness all the way. Then lower the brightness and pay attention to the blacks. Stop lowering the brightness when the blacks can get no darker.

Step four: Boost your contrast all the way. You'll notice that the blacks will stay black but the brights will be so bright that the colors and the detail will be lost. Just lower the contrast until you get the right color and detail to your liking. Sometimes, boosting the contrast all the way and leaving it may be the best thing to do.

The blacks will become way more black while the brighter colors will remain untouched.