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How do I choose between white and grey?

White materials are usually the best choice for when you have good control over the room lighting - for example if you are showing the screen in a basement with no outside lighting coming in the room.

Grey materials are designed to provide higher picture contrast by lowing the black levels in the projected image. The colors are not as bright as they would appear on a white screen, but grey screens are great for making black in the projected image appear darker and is a great choice for rooms that have some ambient lighting present, since the additional contrast helps overcome image "washout" that happens when unwanted ambient light hits the screen.

Our matte grey material does tend to look more dull than our matte white, simply because of the grey tint on the material - but there is very little color shifting since our factory keeps the tint in the grey range so that the colors themselves do not shift toward blue, red, or any other color shade.

If you have good light control and you are looking for brilliant colors, then you should most likely choose matte white. It is by far our most popular screen material we sell because most people like the way it performs. If you do not have good light control or your projector does not have a lot of contrast, then you may consider matte grey.

Please think of your viewing times.  Some people use their projection screen at night to watch movies. Because the viewing of movies is mainly at night a white screen would be perfect for most situations. You may watch sporting events during the day.  Sporting events are very bright and do not have deep black scenes during the game.  Sporting events look fantastic on a white screen with some light in the room.


White Material: 1.1 gain.

Stenghths: Brighter colors and good reflectivity.

Weaknesses: Washout more likely in cases of uncontrolled and ambient lighting.


Grey Material: 1.0 gain.

Strengths: Increased ability to retain black level in cases of uncontrolled and ambient light.

Weaknesses: Slight loss in brighter colors.