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Attaching the WAB to a 2 3/8" Frame (6cm) with Spring Tension System

Also see Spring Tension Kit Instructions

If you purchased a white, grey, high contrast or silver material and want to switch to a WAB (Woven Acoustic with Black Backing), you need to learn how to use the springs. The WAB is not as elastic as the other materials, so it needed to be cut larger in order to accommodate the same viewing size. Because of this, we have a larger frame with a different tensioning method involving springs instead of fixing lugs. Luckily, if you're handy, you can purchase a WAB and use springs to attach it to the smaller frame.




  1.   Lay the frame face-down so you have access to the screws and fixing lugs. 
  2.   We need to remove all the white fixing lugs. Take the screen material rod off the white plastic pins. Unscrew screws from the corner brackets. Open the corners enough to be able to slide the white plastic pins out.  
  3.    Close all the frame corners and refasten the screws.  
  4.    Attach the springs to the rod at each cutout notches in the screen.  
  5.    Using the spring hook, pull on the rod one cutout away from the spring you are going to attach. Attach one side of the spring to the rods and the other side to the same slot that the mounting hardware slides into. Continue until the screen is tensioned properly.
  6.    Remount the projector screen.