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Spring Tension Kit Instructions

6CM (2 3/8") Frame Spring Tension Kit
Included Parts
20 - small springs
20 - long springs
1 - spring hook
Before beginning we suggest watching the following videos to make sure your material is square to the frame.  This will usually fix this issues without needing to add springs to the frame.

Silver Ticket Screen How NOT to install material

How to install material




  1.   Lay the frame face-down so you have access to the screws and fixing lugs.  
  2.  We need to remove the white fixing lugs on the side of the wrinkles. Take the screen material rod off the white plastic pins. Unscrew two screws from the corner bracket that is nearest the side of the wrinkles. Open the corner enough to be able to slide the white plastic pins out.   
  3.   Close the frame corner and refasten the two screws.   
  4.  Attach the springs to the rod at each cutout notches in the screen.   
  5.  Using the spring hook, pull on the rod one cutout away from the spring you are going to attach. Attach one side of the spring to the rod and the other side to the same slot that the mounting hardware slides into. Continue until the screen is tensioned properly. 
  6.   Remount the projector screen.