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Eclipse UST Material Sample

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Eclipse UST Material Sample

This product is made for Ultra Short Throw Projectors (UST).  Projectors that are sitting on a shelf right under the projection screen.  This Material is an ALR(Ambient Light Rejecting) material for Ultra Short Throw Projectors only.  For long throw projectors please see the ALR material sample.  

This material is sold only with the S7 series screens.   

All Samples ship by USPS first class mail.  In the USA please expect 5 to 7 business days after ordering.  Outside of the USA it will be a few weeks.

All Samples are 8" by 11". The samples sizes are fixed and cannot be bigger than the default size.

The Samples are priced at less than what it costs to make. If you need a bigger surface area, buy more than one set and place them side-by-side.

Note: We control the inventory tightly for this product so we can use it for warranty. If it is out of stock, simply contact

Tracking number is only available for orders of 3 kits or more. 




Ultra Short Throw - UST

NOTE: This is NOT the DIYUST raw material. 

This material is sold only with the S7 series screens.   

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