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STR-169175-2GP Silver Ticket, 175" Diagonal, 16:9 Cinema Format, 4K / 8K Ultra HD & HDR Ready, HDTV (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen, Micro Perforated Grey Acoustic Material With Black Backing

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The Silver Ticket Products 175" 16:9 Fixed Frame projection screen offers powerful performance for the price.

Materials Available - Matte White, Grey, HC Grey, Silver, Woven Acoustic.  Please see other product pages for screen materials.  

This screen features real projection screen material, not a sheet. This material is the 2GP a very smooth micro perforated light grey stretchy, high-quality vinyl at 1.0 gain that is designed for setups with some uncontrolled lighting and/or background lighting. Made for speakers to be placed behind the screen surface. Wait until you see the colors! There is no resolution lost at any angle.

This screen truly assembles much faster than any other brand available! Forget about tucking the screen material into the frame - the Silver Ticket Tension Rod System saves you time and frustration. How does the material connect to the frame? Each side of the material has a pocket. A rod slides through the pocket to attach to the frame. This saves you time during assembly, but also removes any puckers or wrinkles in the viewing surface. The rod holds the material perfectly square all around the whole frame. This pocket and rod system remains hidden behind the frame so you only see the movie.

Forget about tricky installations - this fixed frame screen mounts on the wall much like a large picture frame. The sturdy aluminum frame is WRAPPED, not flocked, with a light absorbing black velvet fabric to absorb over-projected light so you don't have to be a professional when aligning your projector.

While other brands use square tubing in their frames, this screen is built with durable extruded aluminum that contours down to the projected image so you won't have any ugly shadow on the image area.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers -- buy Silver Ticket 175 inch 16:9 today!



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Product Details

SKU STR-169175-2GP
Category Projection Screen
Size 175
Style 2GP
Format 16:9 Format
Type Fixed Screen

Technical Specifications

Viewing Diagonal 175"
Viewing Width 152.5"
Viewing Height 85.75"
Format 16:9
Total Width 160.5"
Total Height 93.75"
Frame Width 3.875"
Frame Depth 1.25"
On-Axis Gain 1.0
Half Gain Off-Center Viewing Angle 80°
Half Gain Cone Viewing Angle 160°
Black-Backing Material Included Yes
Active 3D Compatible Yes
Passive 3D Compatible No
Recommended For 4K / 8K Yes
Flame Resistant Yes
Mildew Resistant Yes
Mild Detergent Washable Yes
Product Weight 74 lbs
Shipping Weight 78 lbs
Shipping Length 98"
Shipping Width 11"
Shipping Height 10"

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