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5252W Silver Ticket Dual 5.25" 80-Watt Center-Channel In-Wall Speaker with Pivoting Tweeter (1 Speaker, White)

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Thousands and thousands sold - the Silver Ticket Dual 5.25 inch 80-Watt Center-Channel 2-Way In-Wall Speaker is a versatile speaker meant for anything from simple stereo applications to whole-home audio and theater systems. The center channel speaker fills in the audio between the left and right channels, bringing movie action and music vocals to life. Suitable for 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 home systems. Included above and beyond competitors are the two extra heavy weight, high-strength magnets with their field of energy perfectly tuned with the voice coils - it's all about true efficiency. What does this all mean? - It means you get an excellent speaker that is loud, but not noisy. The speaker will not sound harsh when turned up; it maintains excellent clarity at all volume levels.

This speaker is designed for quality and durability and can be easily installed either horizontally or vertically to fit your sound set-up. The high-grade rubber edge allows for true audio accuracy and quality that will last. The accent trim around the edge of the speaker provides a clean appearance so you don't have to be a professional to install it. The flip-lever quick-mount system makes installing the speaker easy and secure. Each box also includes a wall hole cut-out template and paint masks. 



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