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Silver Ticket Products Cylindrical Series Acoustic, Sound Proofing, Sound Blocking, Absorbing Padded Panels

Silver Ticket Products

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Silver Ticket Products Acoustic, Sound Proof Padding, Sound Blocking Absorbing Padded Panels (Audio Treatment)

Finishes Available:

Matte Black
Piano White
Maple Grain


Designed for high-end applications where acoustic treatment panels are needed.  The semi-cylindrical hole sound-absorbing panel design is the perfect solution for your room. Based on traditional absorption panels, this panel has different cylinder widths that overcomes limitations of standard acoustic panels. This versatile solution will meet your performance and design requirements.  Effectively reduces reverberation diffusion and echo.  Improves the sound environment quality in your room.  The ascetically pleasing design and color makes this panel the perfect panel for your application.  Panels are paintable - recommended to be painted by a professional.   


Studio, lecture hall, music room, office, meeting room, gymnasium, community hall, cinema, worship services, interrogation room, meeting room and more.


Base: Eco-friendly fiber composite acoustic cotton
Frame body: Anti-sound reflection design
Finishes: High density acoustic barrier board


100 Hz to 5000 Hz


23 5/8"(600mm) x 23 5/8"(600mm) x 1 3/4"(45mm)

(* tolerance ±1/8"(3mm))

Packaging Size:

24 1/2"(620mm) x 24 1/2"(620mm) x 2 1/2"(65mm), 1 piece
24 1/2"(620mm) x 24 1/2"(620mm) x 12 1/2"(320mm), 6 pieces / carton

Installation method:

Back buckle tube & glue


Absorption Range(s)

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