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Thin Bezel Fixed Projection Screens

Thin Bezel Fixed Frame Projection Screens – a new product line from Silver Ticket Products.

Modern Appearance

Silver Ticket Products is thrilled to announce its latest line of fixed projection screens designed to capture the essence of both form and function in keeping up with the latest trends in home theater projection. The new frame design ensures that the frame is very solid, while mimicking the appearance of the latest thin-bezel, flat-panel televisions.

The thin bezel fixed screens are designed to assemble much like our line of highly-acclaimed standard fixed frames, but with a thin, 3/8″ visible border. This means that the velvet-wrapped border is extremely thin; about half the diameter of a US penny.


These screens features our well-reviewed real projection screen materials that are stretchy multi-layered vinyl specifically engineered for projection. The screen material is tensioned by the innovative tension rod and pocket system that maintains the perfect amount of tension that will not ripple or sag and never needs adjusting. The screen mounts to the wall using a simple four bracket mounting system that allows for horizontal adjustment of the screen for perfect projector alignment.

Where to Buy

These screens are currently available for sale online. Visit our web store for more details and to purchase.