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The velvet on my frame needs to be repaired

Minor velvet damage on the frame can be masked by re-working the fibers on the velvet surface. To do this, get a clean, microfiber cloth wet and use it to wet and brush the velvet fibers vigorously in all different directions (circular motions, side-to-side, and up-and-down).  You may also use a water spray bottle to soak the velvet.  Bring the velvet wetness to about dripping point.  

While the velvet is still wet get another clean, dry microfiber cloth and use it to brush the same area in all different directions again. The velvet fibers should now be re-worked enough that minor scratches in the velvet can be masked.

As the velvet continues to air dry, the velvet will look better and better.  

For more severe velvet issues please contact us at and please do the following.

1.  Send pictures of the velvet issues
2.  Please send your order number and the dealer you purchased the screen from

If you have damaged your velvet beyond repair, you may purchase new velvet to recover your frame.  Black Velvet for 2 3/8"(6cm) Frame.  Check your frame first to make sure is is 2 3/8" wide.  If it is a larger frame than 2 3/8" please contact us.