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The corner holes in my frame are not aligning

Follow these steps and the screws should go in and it will give a nice tight corner seam:

  1. With the corner inserted into one frame rail and all screws removed, slightly start one screw in on one side.
  2. Slide the other frame rail onto the second side of the corner.
  3. Use a screw driver as leverage in one of the holes on the second side to pull the holes to align. Simply put the screw driver in the threaded hole and tilt it towards the first side.
  4. Put in a screw on the second side.
  5. Finish all the screws.

Using the screwdriver as leverage in the holes will help line up the holes and make the frame corner very tight.

Please watch the video below for more information.

other version

After you watched the video and followed the instructions, if the parts still do not align.  Please contact us at and send the following information.  

1.  A picture of the parts not aligning.
2.  The company you purchased the product from and your order number.
3.  Other information you feel we will need to know.