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Silver Ticket Banana Plug Installation


Use this guide to attach banana plugs to speaker wiring.
  • Time Required: 5 mins
  • Recommended Labor: 1


  • 1 x Wire Stripper (not included)
* Denotes that a tool may be optional.


  • 2 x Banana Plugs (included)
* Denotes that a part may be optional.


1. Dismantle the Plugs

Unscrew the plug base of each banana plug, then remove the lug.

2. Strip the Speaker Wire

1. Remove between 5/8" to 7/8" of the speaker wire shielding from the end of the speaker wires and twist the ends. This exposed part of the wiring will be inserted into the banana plug in a later step.

3. Slide on the Banana Plug Base

1. Insert one end of the stripped speaker wire through one of the banana plug bases.

4. Insert the Speaker Wire

1. Insert one end of the stripped speaker wire into the end of one of the banana plugs.

5. Insert the Lug

1. Insert one of the lugs into the banana plug along the side of the speaker wire.
2. Push the lug and wire into the banana plug, compressing the exposed end of the speaker wire against the inside of the banana plug.

6. Secure the Plug Base and Test the Wire

1. Slide the banana plug base forward and screw it onto the banana plug. This will secure the wiring and lug in place.
2. While holding onto the banana plug, gently pull on the wire to be sure that it is secured in place.
Note: If the wire slips or slides out of the banana plug, then it is not properly secured and the previous steps should be repeated until the wire is held firm and does not slip.


7. Repeat for Additional Banana Plugs

1. Repeat the previous steps for the second banana plug.
2. Once both plugs are completed and secured, they are ready to be used in a sound system.

Finishing Up

With the banana plugs installed, you are ready to plug the wires into your receiver.