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Should I choose 16:9, 16:10 or 2.35:1 projection format?

Viewing formats can be tricky since there are 3 things to consider when talking about projection and formats:

  1. The format of the projected content (the video - TV, movies, sports, etc.)
  2. The format of the projector (MOST IMPORTANT)
  3. The format of the viewing surface (the screen)

Ideally all 3 of these will be the same format so you take full advantage of the viewing area of your screen.

With either screen you choose you will have to live with black borders on either the top/bottom or sides of your projected image whenever you are watching content that doesn't match the format of the projection screen - this is definitely something to consider. Some people have ordered the 2.35:1 screens and masked the sides with curtains when viewing 16:9 content and have liked this option.

Unless you are planning to use an anamorphic lens we highly recommend choosing a screen that matches the native format of your projector (most modern home theater projectors are 16:9). We have had a lot of people who have tried to use their projector's "lens memory" feature to throw 2.35:1 content - many of these customers have found that this doesn't work for them. Just something to consider if you hadn't thought of that.