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My part(s) are defective or wrong on my in-ceiling electric

My screen quit working

  • Check to make sure the screen is plugged in
  • Try using another outlet
  • Check the breaker box for a tripped fuse
  • Try pushing the manual control button
  • Check the remote batteries 
  • Make sure sunlight is not hindering the transition of the IR remote
  • Contact us for help

My screen edges are slightly curled 

Since the screen is not tensioned, it will show some signs of edge-curling over time through normal use. The high-end internal motor is designed for smooth operation so that it rolls the screen evenly and avoids any wrinkles or waves in the material over time. The triangular-shaped weight bar on the bottom of the screen is designed to reduce some of the curling and the 2-inch black border on the left and right side of the screen helps catch "over-spill" from the projector as well as providing a buffer against any curl that would reach its way to the viewing area. Under normal conditions, the screen will last many years of use with little or no distortion to the viewing area.  Overtime like a pair of jeans, the material will relax and become even more flat.

If you have any other questions about our Motorized in ceiling screen products.  Please feel free to email us at