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My Fixed Frame is not square

Here are some troubleshooting tips to try if the screen frame is not appearing square.

  1. Remember that walls are not perfectly flat. When measuring how far the screen is spaced away from the wall and there are differing spacing measurements on each corner that does not mean the screen is out of square.
  2. Adjust the screen corners. Remove the screen from the wall, then push or pull on the corners that need to be flattened out. Since the screen is not a cube it doesn't have support to hold it all the way square.
  3. Adjust the screen material. Remove the screen material from the frame, then slightly loosen the corner screws, make sure the frame is square, then re-tighten the screws. Screen material that is installed with uneven stretch can pull on certain parts of the frame more than others, which can result in a frame that is out of square. To ensure that the material is evenly stretched, please watch the videos on our website ( about getting a proper, even stretch while installing the material.
  4. Adjust the screen mounting screws. If some screws are sticking out farther than others, it can parts of the screen to extrude out further than others and make the frame out of square.
  5. Fix any center bowing. Lay the fully assembled screen flat of the floor, then pickup the frame upright by the corners to pull the center bow out.
  6. Relocate the mounting screws. Some larger screens may go out of square due to the placement of the mounting screws. Try installing the mounting screws in a different location on the wall either further toward the center of the screen or further away from the center of the screen.
If the screen is still out of square after trying all of these steps above please contact us at