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MPT - Adjusting the floating weight bar

The MPT screens have a floating weight bar - This is to let the material expand and relax as needed per the climate, and this helps the material stay nice and flat

In the rare case the MPT floating weight bar needs centering, please follow these instruction.

 1.  Remove all of the shipping brackets

2.  Remove the screw from the end weight bar end cap on the side that is under pressure. (Try skipping this step first, by only doing step 4. In most cases only step 4 is needed.  Then simply push in the weight bar end cap that is sticking out.)

3.  Remove the weight bar end cap.  

4.  Align the material to the weight bar by pulling the material and pushing the weight bar as shown in the images below.

5.  Put on the weight bar end cap.

6.  Put in the end cap screw