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Is the Silver material right for me?

What is the purpose of the silver material?
The silver material is a specialized material that is intended for rooms with mid to high amount of ambient light.

Since it has such a high gain (1.5 gain), our factory adds texture to it so that it does not hot-spot as much as other high gain materials, but this does result in a slightly grainy picture that is not usually suitable for viewing in light-controlled environments. Many of our customers have bought the silver material thinking they would like the higher gain for their light-controlled room only to find the texturing to be distracting. The color and contrast on the silver screen is excellent and it does an excellent job maintaining black levels.


  • Excellent at maintaining black levels.
  • Preserves color, contrast, and brightness in rooms with medium to high ambient light present.
  • High polarization retention and increased brightness work well with passive 3D projection (3D using polarized glasses).


  • Slight texture can cause the projected content to appear grainy in some environments.
  • High gain reduces the viewing cone.
  • Projector placement can be tricky since the screen is angular reflective.

Please think of your viewing times.  Most people use their projection screen at night to watch movies such as Lord of the Rings.  Because the viewing of movies is mainly at night, a white screen would be perfect for most situations. You may watch sporting events during the day.  Sporting events are very bright and do not have deep black scenes during the game.  Sporting events look fantastic on a white screen, even with some light in the room.