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I have a question - Motorized Electric Projector In Ceiling Screens

Which Side is the power and controls on?

The power cord is on the left side of the screen case (when viewing it from the front) which is the same end that has all of the controls. This means that while looking at the screen from the front, the power cord and controls are on the left.

Is the black drop on the SIE electric screens adjustable?

The amount of black drop area visible at the top of the screen when it is fully extended is adjustable by using the small included limit switch adjustment tool.
  • The amount of black drop can be increased by a few inches from the factory set amount.
  • The amount of black drop can be decreased all the way to zero if necessary.
  •        Small one turn adjustments are recommended.  If the adjustment didn't do what        you wanted it to, turn the same adjustment back one turn.
  •        Do not adjust the upper limit that causes the material to go into the case, this            will destroy the weight bar and void the warranty.
  •        Sloppiness or user error adjusting the black drop voids the warranty of the                  screen.

Do the in-ceiling screens come with a remote?

An IR remote is included with each SIE motorized electric screen and it can be used to extend and retract the screen fully or stop it part way in-between. The screen can also be controlled by trigger cable or RS-232 as well for semi-automated operation.

How is the SIE screen controlled?

The four controls options are:
  1. RS-232 for use in some home automation systems.
  2. 12v trigger connection for use with compatible projectors - the screen will extend and retract with the power cycle of the projector.
  3. IR control for use with the included IR receiver and IR remote - the IR "eye" or receiver is not recessed in the ceiling and is attached to the outside trim of the screen.
  4. The manual push-button for extending and retracting the screen manually.

Will the SIE screen experience “edge-curl” over time?

Since the screen is not tensioned, it will show some signs of edge-curling over time through normal use. The high-end internal motor is designed for smooth operation so that it rolls the screen evenly and avoids any wrinkles or waves in the material over time. The triangular-shaped weight bar on the bottom of the screen is designed to reduce some of the curling and the 2-inch black border on the left and right side of the screen helps catch "over-spill" from the projector as well as providing a buffer against any curl that would reach its way to the viewing area. Under normal conditions, the screen will last many years of use with little or no distortion to the viewing area.  Overtime like a pair of jeans, the material will relax and become even more flat.

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