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How do I install the support bar?

It is said that the support bars are the most difficult part of installing the screen. Hopefully this article will allow you to more effectively install the support bar.

The support bar is the long rod that holds the opposing frame pieces apart against the pull of the screen material. Using the support bar will keep a straight picture over time even with the tension of the material constantly pulling on the frame. The bar has inserts on either end that slide into a groove protruding from the back of the frame.


There are two options to installing the support bar. 


Option One


Insert the far end of the support bar first. Use one hand on the support bar and the other on the frame. Push the support bar forward while pulling the frame with the other hand. For best results use another person on the other side of the frame pulling in the opposite direction. It may be a little straining to do it by yourself, but it is doable. With two people, it should be very easy. Either way, this is the safest way to insert the bar.



Option Two



Inserting the far end first, set the bar at an angle so it fits within the frame without stretching the frame. Insert the closest side and slide it into place until the supprt bar is purpendicular to the frame. It might take just a minute or two and some tapping until the support is in the right spot.