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Freight Shipments

Thank you for ordering your Silver Ticket Products projection screen!

The item you have ordered is too big to ship as a standard shipment and must ship by freight.  

Freight shipment rules are very different than standard parcel shipments for many reasons.  The most important difference is how the package is received.  

When a freight company delivers the package and you sign for it, you are signing that you received the package in perfect condition.  

Q.  What do you do when the shipment arrives?
A.  Do not sign for it until you inspect the package and make sure everything looks good. You are signing that you accept the shipment. If something is wrong with the shipment, the freight company will not help because you signed that you received it in good condition. If there is any damage, the freight company will assume that happened after delivery.  

Q.  What do you do if there are small tears and rips in the package?
A.  Write on the paperwork that you see small tears and rips in the package and then sign your name. You can write this under the freight description or by where you sign your name. Save the paperwork or make sure the driver leaves you a copy.  If there are any issues the freight company will work with replacing the item. Just send us the pictures and the paperwork from the driver. This needs to be done right away. Some freight companies have a 24 hour window for making claims.  So take the product inside and open it right away inspecting everything.  Sometimes the package can look really beat up, but the product inside is perfect. The packaging is designed to take the beating to protect the product.   

Q.  What if the tears are into the box and you can see it has damaged the shipment or the shipment arrives destroyed?
A.  First, take pictures of the damage and then second, reject the shipment by not signing for it. Be friendly with the driver. Most likely they did not load and damage your item. (If the main product is good and small hardware is missing, we can easily express the small hardware to you.You need to sign for the package stating that the packaging was ripped. Then look through the manual finding anything that is missing.  Circle those parts on the manual and send us a picture of the manual page.)

Here is an example. 

See how small the tear is?

But after the product was opened, the damage is a major eyesore.  You would never have expected this from a small tear. But the freight company washed their hands from this because the customer signed the paperwork and did not list the issues. There is nothing that we can do or the freight company can do. Because the product was signed for in perfect condition. The paperwork is the same as a contract.

Please thoroughly inspect the package before receiving it and signing for it.  We want you to have a great projection screen. We ship thousands of screens a month and something like this rarely happens, but it does happen. Inspecting the packing and listing any or the even the slightest damages, protects everyone.  

Please do your part - If there are any issues, we will handle the freight company.  We have to have the paperwork to prove it. Otherwise we and the freight company must assume the damage happened after the shipment arrived.