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Can the screen material be cleaned?

Many small areas such as streaks or smudges can be carefully cleaned with a mild detergent (soap) diluted to 30% to 40% with water and applied with a soft, non-abrasive cloth or a gentle brush (e.g. a soft toothbrush). If this does not work, you can also use a non-ammonia all-purpose cleaner such as 409 to clean the affected area - just be sure not to scrub too hard in one spot since this may cause the material to wear out in that spot.

We also recommend using Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning the screen material.  

A lint roller is recommended for cleaning the black velvet frame.

If you happen to get your screen dirty.  Please make sure to test a small area of these screen with any cleaning agents first.  Clean a very small area of the screen to avoid damaging it.  Unfortunately some types of dirt or issues may stain the material and will not be cleanable.  Be careful not to put anything on the screen that might not be removable, cleanable or that may leave a residue.  If the material cannot be cleaned then a new material may be purchased in our replacement parts section.