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Can my fixed screen be disassembled and moved?

Our fixed frame screens can be disassembled and moved, but this should not be attempted without taking special care. We do not send out packaging, if you kept your packaging the process will be easier.  The steps for disassembly are simply the reverse of the assembly steps. Special care needs to be taken when handling the screen material: it should get rolled - preferably around a tube - not folded. Another thing to watch for is to be careful not to scratch the velvet on the frame - sharp objects/edges can damage the velvet. Other than that you would have to be sure to save all the parts so that it can be reassembled again following the assembly instructions.

1.  Go to the product page of your product.  Make sure the product page matches your model number exactly.  View the assembly video and disassemble the projection screen in reverse.  Read the following steps to find out the parts needed to protect the screen.

2.  Buy a 2" PVC pipe at your local hardware store.   The 2" tube should be cut the overall height of your screen including the frame.  Roll the screen material on the 2" tube.  Put the support bar and the tension rods inside the 2" tube.  Purchase another larger tube usually around 4"- 5", and put the screen rolled on the 2" tube inside the 4"-5" tube to protect it.   You will want to keep this tube horizontal during travel.  
3.  All of the hardware pieces, put them in a bag and then in a box to protect them.
4.  Roll the frame pieces in moving blankets.  Start with one frame piece and roll it until it is covered by the blanket, then start the next frame piece and continue rolling until they are all rolled and protected individually.