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Bluetooth Speaker Remote Not Working

This guide will help troubleshoot any issues with the remote and your bluetooth speaker. 

The speakers and remotes were tested together before shipping, this will solve any issues.  

1.  Make sure the battery is turned in the right direction.  The + should be facing away from you as you look at the buttons.  

2.  Make sure the plastic battery saver insert is removed.  This is a small plastic sleeve only there to keep the battery disconnected from the remote.  This saves the life of the battery so the battery is new when you receive the remote.  If the plastic sleeve is not removed then the remote will not work.

3.  Make sure the battery is not dead.  Sometimes the battery saver sleeve does not keep the battery disconnected and the battery may be dead.  In this case please try another battery.

4.  Shipping may have disconnected the IR eye in the bluetooth speaker.  This rarely happens but is usually the case if the 3 steps above do not solve the issue.  

Step 1 - Unplug the speaker

Step 2 - Unscrew the 6 screws

Step 3 - Verify the IR EYE cable is connected to the main circuit board and to the IR EYE

Step 4 - Screw in the 6 screws