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UST Material only for Silver Ticket Products 2 3/8"(6cm) Frame 6 piece frame Ultra Short Throw ALR Ambient Light Rejecting

Silver Ticket Products

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For 40% off while supplies last.  Available for in stock items only.

UST material for the Silver Ticket Products 2 3/8" (6cm) fixed frame.  This product includes the UST material and springs that tension the UST material to a Silver Ticket Products 2 3/8" fixed frame.  Simply remove your old material and the white plastic fixing lugs from your current screen and attach the UST material to the frame.

Available for the standard sizes 

92" - 120"

It is suggested to purchase a sample of the UST material and test it out before purchasing this material - UST Sample

This material attaches with the included springs to the same track the mounting brackets are in.  

The UST material must be handled with care.  Sloppiness will ruin the material.  Unroll the material on top of the frame.  After unrolling the screen material, do not pick it up.  The material must remain on the frame at all times.  Attach the springs as shown below.  Picking up the material while it is loose will cause creases.  The material is checked thoroughly before shipping.  Any issues caused to the material during installation are not covered under warranty.

Attaching the material. 

1.  Make sure the downside of the material is facing towards the bottom mounting brackets of the frame.  If it is not, then roll the material up and align the material correctly. Do not lift the material after it has been unrolled.

2.  Attach the 4 corners of the material to the frame first.  Make sure each corner is pulling equally. 

3.  Attach the 2 or 3 center springs on each side of the screen material.  Make sure each side is pulling equally.

4.  Attach the remaining springs on the sides of the frame and material.

5.  Finally finish by attaching the remaining springs to the top and bottom of the frame and material.  

5.  Remount the projection screen.  

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