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LV2.2WB8-7x14-11 Finished Edge Large Venue Screens - 2.2 Gain Pearl White Front Projection with black backing 8'-7"x14'-11"

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Overall size including border and grommets 8'-7"x14'-11" (103 inches x 179)*.  

Great for family backyard theater movie nights, work parties, business presentations, trade show events, gaming events, public outdoor cinemas, worship services and school events. 

  • Viewing area roughly 8'-1"x14'-5" (97 inches x 173)
  • White 2.2 Gain Material with Black Back
  • Viewing Area is Seamless. 200" Diagonal Viewing Area.  Not including the black borders. 
  • Product choice of folded or rolled when shipped.  
  • Frame is NOT included.
  • Grommets spaced every 6" if chosen
  • Grommets are plastic and welded by frequency for a superior hold.  Much stronger and better than metal grommets alone.  
  • 4 Corner Grommets include metal insert into plastic grommet for superior strength
  • Option for metal inserts in each plastic grommet (recommended for lacing screen to a frame)
  • Option for bungee cords.
Example of all 4 sides finished.  Sample shown is 3' x 3'.  

Packaging Option

Folded screens will ship in a box via FedEx or UPS ground. 

Rolled screens are shipped in a tube via a Freight Carrier.

Grommet Metal Inserts

The metal inserts are recommenced when for lacing screens as the rope will slide and not burn the grommet or the rope.  


Your choice of none, or One Bungee for each grommet is included, plus a few extra.

* Vinyl expands and shrinks with heat and cold.  The measurements may expand or shrink a few percent.

For custom sizes and pricing please contact us.


* Note - This product has a 25% restocking fee for unused items.  For used items there will be up to a 50% restocking fee.   To return this product, all the original packaging must be included.  

*Folded screens will most likely maintain fold creases.  Order rolled if you cannot have creases.  Fold creases are not covered under warranty.

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