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STT-169150-AGP Silver Ticket 150" Diagonal, Thin Bezel 16:9 Widescreen 4K Ultra HD & HDR Ready (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen, AGP Dark Grey Acoustic Mini Perf with Black Backing

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Silver Ticket Products introduces its highly-requested thin-bezel fixed frame projection screen. This series of projection screens features both thin and edge-less design options for clean appearance that mimics the latest thin-bezel, flat-panel televisions.


This screen features real projection screen material, not a sheet. AGP stands for "Acoustic Dark Grey Perforated Vinyl with Black Backing"The material is a Dark Grey Reflective stretchy, high-quality vinyl at  0.95 gain that is designed for watching movies. Wait until you see the colors! There is no resolution lost at any angle.  This material is suggested for applications that the speakers will be placed behind the screen.  The material is perforated with a Mini Perf pattern to allow for sound transparency through the screen material. 

This screen features the Silver Ticket tension rod system for truly quick and secure installation of the projection material. The tension rod system maintains the perfect amount of tension that will not ripple or sag and does not need adjusting. The mounting system also allows for horizontal adjustment, making it easy to hang.

This fixed screen features a sturdy, extruded aluminum frame that includes separate velvet-wrapped snap-on frame rails for a crisp viewing edge -- or go edge-less! The included innovative four bracket mounting system allows for sliding horizontal adjustment for perfect alignment of your screen and projector.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers -- buy Silver Ticket 150 inch 16:9 today!

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Product Details

SKU STT-169150-AGP
Category Projection Screen
Size 150
Style AGP Acoustic Dark Grey Perforated Vinyl with Black Backing
Format 16:9 Format
Type Thin Bezel Fixed Screen

Technical Specifications

Viewing Diagonal 150"
Viewing Width 130.7"
Viewing Height 73.5"
Format 16:9
Total Width 131.5"
Total Height 74.3"
Frame Width 0.4"
Frame Depth 1.25"
On-Axis Gain 0.95
Viewing Cone 160 degree

Black-Backing Material Yes
Active 3D Compatible Yes
Passive 3D Compatible No
Recommended For 4K Yes
Flame Resistant Yes
Mildew Resistant Yes
Mild Detergent Washable Yes
Product Weight 80 lbs
Shipping Weight 84 lbs
Shipping Length 83"
Shipping Width 11"
Shipping Height 13"

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