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Replacement Part Kits for STO-169125, STO-169150, STO-169175, STO-169200 & STO-169225 screens

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Note: We control the inventory tightly for this product so we can use it for warranty. If it is out of stock, simply contact


Corner & Standard Hinge Kits:

Hinge kits include the parts to repair one corner or standard hinge.  Will require tools and drill bits (tools not included) to remove the rivets.   Rivets are not included in the kit.  Included are M5 45mm bolts and lock nuts to hold the hinges in place.  Please purchase your own rivets and rivet tools if you wish to use rivets to fasten the frame together.  

For models 

STO-169125, STO-169150, STO-169175, STO-169200 or STO-169225

Does NOT work with STO-169119, STO-169143, STO-169120, STO-169144, STO-169180 & STO-169220

Hardware Bag:

6 x Thumb Bolts, 2 x Eye Bolts, 2 x Rope


4 x stakes


Only the legs are included, Thumb bolts to attach the legs are not included.  


Frames include only the frame.  Screen material, legs, or other hardware is not included.

Screen Material:

For replacement front and rear projection materials please see the materials page by clicking here

Replacement snaps:

For replacement snaps, we recommend the general tools screw snap kit.

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