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ST-BANANA Silver Ticket Products 24K Plated Closed Screw Banana Plugs (Pair - 1 Red, 1 Black)

Silver Ticket Products

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Banana plugs make speaker connections easy. Banana plugs are designed for use with binding posts. It is very safe and easy to make the connections on the back of your amp or receiver. These high-quality banana plugs are the closed screw type and can accept 12 to 18 AWG wire. Each pair comes with one red plug color and one black plug, for easy identification. These banana plugs are built heavy-duty tough with ferromanganese tips. The entire plug is gold plated to help prevent corrosion.



* Accepts bare wire

* Accepts 12 to 18 AWG speaker wires

* Color coded black/red rings

* Secure contact with binding posts

* Corrosion resistant

* 24K gold plated finish

* Heavy-duty construction with ferromanganese tips

* 1 Pair (2 Banana Plugs)