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HIGH CONTRAST Material -Quick Screen Material Calculator


CONGRATULATIONS! You need a High Contrast Screen!


The high contrast screen is 0.95 gain. This is the darkest screen that we offer. This is good for some instances when your theater is in extreme ambient lighting. The white screen is usually suggested, but since your theater has more lighting than usual, this screen will probably suit you better.

Don't forget to adjust your projector settings to the screen. Here is link that shows how to do that.

How to Adjust your Projector to Avoid Washout 

Here is a list of the screens that feature the grey material:


STR-16992-HC 92" Diagonal

STR-169100-HC 100" Diagonal

STR-169106-HC 106" Diagonal

STR-169110-HC 110" Diagonal

STR-169120-HC 120" Diagonal

STR-169135-HC 135" Diagonal

STR-169150-HC 150" Diagonal


STR-235115-HC 113.5" Diagonal

STR-235125-HC 127.9" Diagonal

STR-235138-HC 142" Diagonal