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Before You Buy Your Projection Screen!

The following steps are recommended before purchasing your projection screen.

  1. Purchase your projector.
    • Research and purchase the projector
    • Receive your projector
    • Mount your projector in its permanent place
    • Project on your wall to determine the image size desired
  2. Purchase samples
    • Hang the samples in the viewing area of the projected image
    • Test the samples during different periods of the day that may have different lighting.
    • Decide on which sample is the best for your application
  3. Purchasing your screen
    • Find models that have the sample material you selected.  
    • Each product page has a screen drawing.  Make sure the image size matches the image size of your desired image size.  If a size does not match the desired size, it is recommended to go to the closest size available.  If you are projecting at your max size, then it is recommended to go one size down.  
    • Look at the drawing of the projection screen selected.  Make sure the frame(the black border in the drawing) will fit in the intended area on your wall.
  4. Return information to read before you buy
    • At the bottom of each page on this website you will see Quick Links.  You will see Silver Ticket Products Return information and other Terms of Service.  We recommend reading all of the links under Quick Links before you buy.